The Philippines

I haven’t blogged in ages so I thought I’d post some photos I took when I went down to The Philippines.  My girlfriend and I have been talking about visiting for a while and when I saw a super cheap flight deal from YYC Deals, I immediately jumped on it.  I remember not even consulting her and just bought the tickets.  For less than 800 dollars Canadian, including taxes and round trip, we were travelling to Asia for the first time together (you just can’t find a deal like this often!).  Exciting!

For this trip, I didn’t want to take my Canon 5D mk3 with me, let alone any form of DSLR.  I’m starting to find them a bit clunky and heavy for the type of travelling I want to do.  I’ve been practicing to pack light and that includes any camera gear for the specific situation.  In this case, I know I’d be shooting in mostly natural light, maybe some long exposure shots, and there’ll be lots of landscape type shots.  So, I borrowed a buddy’s Sony Alpha 6000 mirrorless camera and went to another friend to borrow some old school Sigma primes.  If I needed a flash, there’s one on camera and what’s even nice is that the head tilts so that you can bounce the flash.  Great travelling for sure.  I pretty much shot the whole trip with a Sigma 19mm F2.8.  The other camera I brough was an older GoPro Hero 3

Enjoy the snaps and stay tuned for more photos as I update this gallery over the next few days!



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